Approaching retirement

Reaping the rewards of a lifetime of work

For many of us, reaching our fifties is an opportunity to take a closer look at our pension provision. Sometimes it is even the first time that we really pay attention to it. Preparing for retirement means making choices for an increasingly near future.

It is therefore necessary to be accompanied to avoid pitfalls and to optimise your decisions.

Fading promises

When the Swiss 3-pillar system was set up, the 1st and 2nd pillars were supposed to cover 60% of the final salary. Today, we are at 45%. And what will happen tomorrow? Despite regular discussions, politicians are struggling to find sustainable solutions on a large scale. Tired of waiting for solutions that will certainly never come? Fortunately, there are mechanisms that can be used to improve your future pension and your personal situation.

Your employer has a role to play.

It is thanks to their cooperation and commitment that you can prepare for your retirement with peace of mind.

Pension or capital? A difficult choice

Investment flexibility, the need to secure capital, life expectancy, the possibility of a return, inheritance issues, mortgages, protection of the spouse... The list of elements to be taken into account when making a decision is long. And don't ask your pension fund, one of these options is clearly not in its interest.

Losing your job shortly before retirement. How to limit the damage?

Dismissal at an advanced age can have serious consequences for your pension provision. In order to limit the losses, the people concerned must make the right decisions. For example, did you know that the law allows people who have been made redundant to remain insured with a pension fund? This is indeed possible, but under certain conditions. It is also a matter of assessing one's situation and needs in order to make the right decisions.

Associations are there to help you.

If you find yourself in the delicate situation of unemployment at the end of your career, there are associations that can help you.

As part of our social commitment, we are involved with the DuoL association and support its beneficiaries in their preparation for retirement.

Our commitment

  • Helping people in their fifties to prepare for retirement by taking into account their overall situation, as well as that of their spouse.
  • Find sustainable solutions for unemployed seniors and support them in their reintegration, in particular through our collaboration with the DUOL association.
  • Inform and raise awareness among companies about the importance of employing seniors and their added value.

Some figures

  • Only 12.2% of the French-speaking Swiss believe they will be able to maintain their lifestyle after retirement.
  • 45% of homeowners fear having to sell their property after retirement.
  • Approximately one third of jobseekers in Switzerland are over 50, which represents about 40,000 people.

Find out about the other stages of a lifetime of provision

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