Our commitment

Sowing the seeds of a fairer, more humane and more committed pension system

Because pension provision is at the heart of major social and individual issues.
Because, if properly managed, it represents a lever for social progress.
Because it is everyone's business, but not everyone can control it.

Hélianthe Perspectives was founded on the basis of a simple observation: the mechanisms of pension provision as they exist in Switzerland are a source of social inequality. In addition, the complexity of the system and the lack of education on these issues impact the possibilities of action of individuals and company managers and their ability to make choices in full freedom and knowledge of the facts.

Our social responsibility

  • To offer our expertise to as many people as possible and to engage with those who need it most.
  • Inform and raise awareness of social issues related to pensions.
  • Supporting companies in their commitment to their employees and their families.

Our mission

  • To offer an educational approach to provide keys to understanding that are accessible to everyone.
  • To enable individuals and companies to take control of their pension provision and make informed choices.
  • Work to increase their confidence in their ability to control, build and secure their future.

Our vision

Pension provision is not just about technology and figures. It is first and foremost a question of human beings, of personal and professional choices, but also of societal issues and collective social responsibility that go beyond simple pension analysis. We sincerely believe that it is possible to achieve performance in a benevolent manner and in the search for social progress.

In addition to the technical knowledge that we provide in complete transparency, we also integrate into our approach issues related to new working methods, gender equality, corporate social responsibility... everything that makes pensions a complex subject that we dissect, analyse and transmit with education and passion.

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