Our support for business incubators and start-up accelerators

The assurance of a fertile horizon

The early years of a company's life are a time of constant change when planning is particularly important. To be sustainable, a company must grow by optimising all aspects of its development, and pension planning is part of this. But when you are a young entrepreneur, you already may play multiple roles and you cannot be a specialist in all areas.

Through our interventions, we offer strategic information on business management through occupational benefit planning.

Our services

  • We offer information sessions and training modules adapted to future leaders.
  • We also provide a hotline to answer specific questions from managers.
  • On request, we conduct an audit of the company's situation, issue a series of strategic recommendations and propose a pension plan adapted to the start-up's situation.

Our added value

  • We provide essential knowledge in terms of financial planning and human resources management.
  • We intervene in the early stages of business planning in order to positively influence the future of these companies.
  • By supporting start-ups in the region, we contribute to supporting the local economic fabric.
  • We do not belong to any pension fund, so we are neutral, objective and transparent.

The stages of our collaboration

Step 1

Meet with you

We meet with the course developer to gather information about the students' situation and prospects. We discuss the needs and possibilities of collaboration.

Step 2

Refine the needs

We question your students through surveys to better understand their knowledge levels and their questions regarding pension provision and thus refine the analysis of training needs.

Step 3


We offer you a plan with training sessions, on-call sessions and personal coaching.

Step 4

Train and advise

We work with your laureates through in-class training and we accompany them according to their specific needs and problems.

Step 5

Our network at your service

We connect your laureates with other specialists who share skills that can help them in their activities. To do this, we work with the BizViZ platform.

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