Our support for businesses

Make your company shine

Discover an innovative model that combines expertise in occupational benefits with social commitment.

We act on two main pillars: optimising the forms of pension provision within your company and improving your employer brand through the social benefits of pension provision.



your pension plans and coverages.

on your policy administration costs.

Take advantage of
tax reductions that only our model offers.



your talents and improve your attractiveness.

Raise awareness
among your employees about the challenges of pension planning.

your company as a committed player.

We support and accompany only small and medium-sized companies that rarely have the internal resources to optimise their pension actions. Outsourcing this expertise allows them to focus on their core business.

Together, we will ask the right questions:

Do you pay the right price?
Do you know the extent of your coverage and that of your employees?
Do you know how to retain your good employees through an adequate pension plan?
Do you benefit from the tax levers offered by an optimised pension plan?

Our services

  • Support in optimising your company's pension scheme, including tax aspects.
  • Information sessions and training for your employees on specific topics: the role of the employer, risk coverage, individual liability, understanding and analysing documents and certificates issued by the employer and pension funds.
  • Internal communication of actions taken in favour of employee benefits.

Our added value

  • We support companies in their efforts to use employee benefits, while maintaining a pragmatic approach to global financial and strategic constraints
  • We contribute to the attractiveness of your company by helping you communicate your actions
  • We donate a portion of our fees to associations and allow you to benefit from tax advantages

The stages of our collaboration

Step 1

Meet with you

We organise an initial meeting at your company to get an overview, to take stock of your company's situation in terms of pension provision and to understand your needs and ambitions.

Step 2

Understanding your specificities

We conduct an audit of your company and analyse the strategic parameters used to optimise its pension scheme, such as the culture and history of the company, the type of employees, the strategic axes, the budgeting, the pension plans and benefits already in place.

Step 3

Planning according to your needs

We propose a tailor-made action plan adapted to your strategy, as well as to the needs and specificities of your company. We work within the framework of your social commitment to your employees while working on the financial optimisation of your salary costs, notably through taxation and the improvement of your benefit plans. We also offer you concrete communication actions to communicate your new commitments in terms of benefits.

Step 4

Coordinate, inform and communicate

We coordinate the different actions within your company. We organise information sessions for your employees. We help you to communicate internally and externally, so that your social commitments benefit your company's image.

Step 5

Our network at your service

We connect your company's managers with other specialists who share skills that can help them in your activities. To do this, we work with the BizViZ platform.

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