Our support to schools and universities

Passing on the knowledge to shape the future

Your students will soon be entering the job market, so they need to master the concepts of pension planning to build their future. Understanding its importance and mechanisms will enable them to take their pension plan in hand, understand the obligations of their future employers and acquire useful tools in the hiring phase.

We therefore offer targeted interventions at the end of the course, focusing on social insurance and pension schemes.

Our services

  • We offer information sessions and training modules adapted to the age and situation of your students.
  • We provide a hotline to answer your students' specific questions.
  • We organise days on pension issues and social problems: gender equality, impact of new working methods, uncertain retirement prospects...

Our added value

  • We make students aware of the importance of individual and occupational pension provision and the advantages of the Swiss model.
  • We provide them with methods for analysing the advantages of pension plans offered by employers and thus give them the keys to negotiate with their future employers.
  • We contribute to the social commitment of your establishment.
  • We do not belong to any pension fund, so we are neutral, objective and transparent.

The stages of our collaboration

Step 1

Meet with you

We meet with the course developer to gather information about the students' situation and prospects. We discuss the needs and possibilities of collaboration.

Step 2

Refine the needs

We question your students through surveys to better understand their knowledge levels and their questions regarding pension provision and thus refine the analysis of training needs.

Step 3


We meet with other members of the management and academic staff to assess the possible scope of action and opportunities for intervention.

Step 4


We propose a plan for awareness-raising and training activities adapted to your institution and to your students and their situation.

Step 5


We participate in the implementation and logistics of the interventions and we coordinate the various participants.

Step 6

Our network at your service

We connect your laureates with other specialists who share skills that can help them in their activities. To do this, we work with the BizViZ platform.

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