They put their trust in us



DuoL offers unemployed seniors support in their professional field from active people who can also share their network.

Helianthe Perspectives supports seniors in their preparation for retirement and are actively seeking new mentors. We also donate 25% of our income to the association.



isfb is a training institute for financial specialists and certifies them according to the standards of the FinSA.

Danièle Felley has been an expert for the CWMA (Certified Wealth Management Advisor) certification since 2016. She is also in charge of financial and professional providence planning.



The Haute école de gestion of Geneva is a university-level school specialising in the commercial field with a professional approach.

Danièle Felley, founder of Hélianthe Perspectives, teaches students at the HEG in the Bachelor's program Business Economics, orientation Banking & Finance. She also regularly participates in the follow-up and defense of theses.



The Communauté d'Intérêts pour la Formation Commerciale du Canton de Vaud (Community of interests for commercial training in the Canton of Vaud) organises professional development courses in the commercial field.

Danièle Felley has been a trainer in the inter-company courses since 2014. She is also an expert for final exams for apprenticeships of commercial employees.



Bizviz® is a platform that brings together managers, entrepreneurs and specialists in 12 fields to help small and medium-sized enterprises.

Hélianthe Perspectives has joined the platform as a specialist in professional providence and we make this network available to our clients.

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